The Lodge

At the Bar


he Wild Prairie Lodge is located just below the bluff that bears the marker of the gravesite of Chief Whitehorse, as well as a few other interesting markers. Located near the village of Whitehorse, SD, the village is named after the Sioux Chief White Horse of White Horse Station, Cheyenne River Indian Reservation, South Dakota. The story of Chief Whitehorse is found here The neatly-typed pages document more than a century of the history and culture of the Lakota, known to white settlers as the Sioux. It starts with the year 1790. It's part of a Lakota oral history tradition known as the winter count. It tells of time long past of living here in what is now called "Whitehorse". It is an interesting read!

After the Hunt In the Lodge

The Wild Prairie Lodge has 8 guest rooms, all with private bath, in floor heat, A/C and all the comforts of home. The Saloon is a page out of the old west, a perfect place to take a chill off, or partake in a favorite beverage with a delicious appetizer leading up to a delicious evening dinner and glass of wine.

Billiards & Trophies

The evening dinner brings to close a great day of bird hunting, watching dogs, sharing stories of the day and from other adventures. It's a toast to the dogs, the birds we hunt, those we hunt with and being thankful of our sport.

Wi-fi and your favorite sporting events are available on the big screens found in the saloon as well as gun room with cleaning table and supplies. Boot driers and laundry are available as well, anything we can do to help make your stay warm and welcoming. This is your hunt and time with friends or family and our pleasure to have you as guests.