Wild Prairie Hunts

Prairie Hunt

Our bird hunts are tailor made for the bird hunting connoisseur, this is a bird hunters bird hunt. At Wild Prairie, we hunt endless habitat that is home to sharp-tail grouse, prairie chicken, Hungarian partridge and exciting prairie pheasants. We are a true wing shooters destination. Our hunts take place on prairie, coulees, draws and agricultural land of corn, sunflowers and small grains. Your hunts are designed to suit the type of hunt you desire, whether it is pheasant only, prairie birds only, or a combination of all 4 species.

All our guides are bird hunters and good dog handlers, providing good strings of bird dogs, one of our most important assets. All our guides have a nice string of dogs, both pointing and flushing breeds, they hunt for the gun, will vary with range and hunting style depending on our hunters. We encourage you to bring your dog, whether it be in Minnesota or South Dakota. We understand the relationship between a hunter and dog; as they are an important part of your hunt. As a professional trainer, I take many client dogs for tuning up and conditioning, then turning them over to owners when they come to hunt with us.

The Scent Twilight Flight

We pride ourselves on being one of very few traditional bird hunting lodges, where we prefer 2 guns per guide, however we can accommodate up to 4 guns per guide. The hunts are tailor made for you and your guests to hunt as you desire. There are no buses or shuttles, large groups, or any pairing with other hunters. Prime time for our prairie bird hunts can vary. With our opening day being the 3rd Saturday in September, the heat can play a big role in the hunt. We typically hunt a few hours in the morning and again later in the day as temps cool and birds start to move.

Happy Campers

The early part of the season offers us some very good dog work, the young birds hold well, older birds are more scattered and vulnerable prior to flocking up in mid-late November when birds become spooky. Personally, I like the first 2 weeks in November, the cooler temps, great for dogs, good birds, it's just a very pleasant time.

We plan our hunts based on the hunt of your choosing and ability to get through the field. The terrain is pretty flat and easy walking, however at times the birds are pretty scattered, requiring quite a bit of walking especially hunting prairie birds.

With appropriate licenses, we hunt both tribal and non-tribal lands, moving around throughout the day. The statewide pheasant season opens the 3rd Saturday in October, which gives us a crossover of all seasons, where all 4 species of upland birds can be taken.

Wide Open Prairie Here Ya Go

As for guns and gauges, it really becomes a personal choice, as our name implies, we do prefer use of double guns, where at a glance we can see if a gun is broke open and safe, especially in crossing fences, etc., however, shoot whatever you are comfortable with. The early season, most guns shoot a 20 gauge, and move to a 12 or bit heavier 20 later in the year.

Licenses can easily be purchased online upon arrival at the lodge. Licenses can also be purchased on line for both tribal and non-tribal lands/seasons:

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