Prairie Dogs

Prairie Dog

Here at Wild Prairie we have access to Prairie Dog towns, with some of the highest prairie dog populations in the state of South Dakota. Our guides will take you to the field; assist in setting up provided shooting benches and accessories, field lunches, and snacks/beverages. Whether you like to shoot super accurate bolt actions, or semi-autos, you will have many opportunities to show off your skill and put yourself in the 500 yard club, with plenty of shooting opportunities! Each day of your hunt, we will provide you with variable terrain and opportunities to test and challenge your shooting. We will not overshoot any towns. It is for that reason our hunts are so sought after.

Ready, Aim, Fire

Shooters will arrive the evening before the first hunt day, get settled into rooms. Breakfast at 8:00 CST, leave for the field by 9:00 CST. Lunch will be in the field. Shoot until 4:00 CST. Return to the lodge, meet for drinks in the bar, re-cap the day’s activities, dinner is served in the lodge at 7:00 CST.

We recommend shooters buy both the state non-resident predator/varmint license ($42) and tribal prairie dog license ($100) to expand shooting opportunities.

Licenses are available online. We can assist you with your purchase the evening of your arrival. Our season runs from June 1st - September 1st, with June being our prime time.

Prairie Dog Town